"Get someone you love. Get someone you need. Fuck that, get money." - 1975

I really hate telling someone "a little about myself" bc what do you even say? You need to get to know me by being fb friends, lesbehonest. Here it goes.

Ok, if you want to be a dick about it, I am in 615 now but Chronicles of Yarnia was taken and honestly I am sick to my stomach that I didn't think of that myself. But, #901forlyfe #nwo4lyfe

Look, I need your money. And I shouldn't feel badly about people knowing that. I am proud of my work. My mom says I am great. So, on a trial basis, I am trying to earn money to better our situation while also being home to deal with things that need to be done there. Mostly picking up and taking kids places. Car rider lines are fairly new to me but I have found they're where I flourish. #dontletyourdreamsbedreams

So if you are supposed to "do you what you love" or some shit, let's give it a shot!